Choosing a Pediatrician – and Emergency Medical Care : Before You Have Your Baby

Jun 01, 2019

Most parents-to-be know the importance of choosing a pediatrician for their child’s care before their baby is even born. They can help you with the many choices that you’ll be faced with as a new parent. Choices like breastfeeding, the use of antibiotics, whether or not to inoculate, and more.

That’s why it’s critically important that you select a pediatrician that is aligned with your parenting style, as well as one that will be readily available to both you and your baby. But your pediatrician will never be available 24/7. It’s for that reason that it’s equally important to select pediatric emergency care in Abilene. Once you’ve identified the ER in Abilene that you’ll be using, such as Express ER, it’s suggested that you keep this information readily available in your phone and in your home so anyone who needs it can readily access it.

What to Expect from Your Pediatrician

Your baby’s first exam will take place immediately after delivery, so many parents choose a pediatrician with practice privileges at the hospital where you’ll be giving birth. Fortunately, pediatricians are experts on general child health, so they will become a valuable resource on most new-baby issues such as general growth and development, ears, nutrition, eyes, and other general health issues. Because of this, pediatrician appointments immediately after your child’s birth are critical to determine if there are any abnormalities or unusual health issues that may require immediate medical care to successfully manage.

Being Prepared Can Make the Difference in Your Child’s Life

No one likes to search for children emergency care in Abilene when they’re also trying to take care of a sick child. You’ve taken the time before you’ve given birth to pick out the baby’s clothes, decorate the baby’s nursery, select the baby’s name, and celebrate the gender revel if you’ve opted to learn the sex of your baby. Doesn’t it make sense to spend an equal amount of time making sure that your child will be taken care of from the moment he or she is born? There’s no better time than now to get started!

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