Sports Injuries

One of the common reasons that patients come into the emergency room in Abilene is treating a sports injury. Sports injuries can result from direct trauma, or they can occur slowly over time with overuse of a muscle group or joint. We have diagnostic machines and the experienced staff at Express ER to treat a wide range of sports injuries.

Chronic Sports Injuries

It can be difficult to diagnose and treat chronic sports injuries because there is no inciting incident that resulted in trauma. For this reason, it can seem like the injury came out of nowhere. Chronic sports injuries can be just as painful as those caused by trauma, and the effects on your health can be long-lasting.

Overuse injuries also cause chronic sports injuries. When an athlete engages in repetitive training, it can lead to overuse of a joint or muscle group. This leads to conditions such as a stress fracture or tendonitis. At Express ER, we will use all diagnostic machines necessary, imaging technology, and expert medical knowledge to diagnose and treat chronic sports injuries.

Acute Traumatic Sports Injuries

Acute traumatic sports injuries are more straightforward than chronic sports injuries because they involve an injury caused by trauma. Being tackled or kicked on the field could lead to a concussion, broken bones, sprained ankles, or lacerations.

If you have experienced acute traumatic sports injuries in Abilene, you may need stitches, X-rays, or medications. Our emergency room near you has short wait times so that you can see a doctor faster for treatment of an acute traumatic sports injury in Abilene.

How to Avoid Sports Injuries

If you have sustained a sports injury in Abilene, then our emergency room near you is here to help. A lot of sports injuries are avoidable by taking the proper safety precautions. Here are some tips for how to avoid sustaining a sports injury:

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Do you need an emergency room in Abilene? We are open to patients with sports injuries. When you come to Express ER, you can enjoy shorter wait times than hospitals, friendly and experienced staff, and a modern medical facility.

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