Sports Injuries in Abilene, TX

Sports Injuries in Abilene, TX

Sports are a fun way to keep in shape and spend time with the people you care about. Some people even play sports as their full-time job. Doing sports is fun and great for your health, but the unfortunate downside is that there is always a chance of sustaining a sports injury.

Our emergency room in Abilene has diagnostic machines and experienced health providers on staff to treat a wide range of sports injuries.

Which Sports Injuries Require Medical CareĀ 

The two main categories of sports injuries fall into trauma or chronic injury. Chronic injury, also known as an overuse injury, is a type of injury that results from repetitive training and the overuse of a joint or muscle group. Chronic injury can be painful, long-lasting, and difficult to treat.

Stress fractures and tendonitis are two examples of a chronic sports injury that could bring you into the ER. It can be less obvious that a chronic injury requires emergency care because there was no incident of trauma to incite the injury, but rather it happens slowly over time with the overuse of the body for training.

The other kind of sports injuries in Abilene which we treat at Express ER are trauma injuries. Acute traumatic sports injuries are the kind of injury that results from direct trauma to the body. This includes things such as concussions, sprains, fractures, and lacerations.

Head injuries are among the most serious injuries because concussions can lead to brain damage and even death. If you have sustained an acute traumatic sports injury, you may need to go to an emergency room near you for X-rays, stitches, and diagnostic tests.

Urgent Care Near You in AbileneĀ 

If you have sustained any sports injuries in Abilene which require medical care, our team is here to help. We have shorter wait times at our emergency room than what you will get at most hospitals which means you can get care faster. After assessing your condition and performing any emergency care, we will work with you to come up with a long-term treatment plan for your sports injuries that works for you. This can include physical therapy and medications.

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