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COLA Certified Stat Lab Testing

Receive your test result within 20 minutes thanks to our full service lab that we have on site! Getting back on track to the healthy you right away!

Lab & Radiology Services

Thanks to the hard working staff and the technology on site, we are able to properly do a 16-slice CT scan, x-rays, and ultrasound for you right away!

Board-Certified ER Doctors

With the elite physicians, all of them experienced and Board-Certified in Emergency Medicine, you will know that you are in good hands.

Family Friendly

At Express ER we understand you are going through pain and discomfort, so we are trained to make sure you and your family can feel as comfortable as possible.

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Welcome to Express ER - 24 Hour Emergency Room

Your Local Emergency Room in Abilene, TX

At Express ER, your freestanding emergency room near you, it is our goal to take care of any emergency you are facing. We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and pain free. With the excellent doctors and with the on site laboratory facilities, we are able to assist you during times of distress. We make it our focus to ensure your health is at a great condition.

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Express ER vs Urgent Care

Many patients visiting Express ER in Abilene ask us, “What’s the difference between an ER & urgent care near me?” We’re glad you asked. An emergency room near you is usually open 24/7, but most urgent care clinics in Abilene have shorter hours. If you visit an Express ER near you, we provide pediatric teddy bear clinics and on-site lab and radiology services with our board-certified physicians. Call or visit our emergency room in Abilene today!

Services Express ER Urgent Care
Open 7 Days a Week
Respiratory Distress
Broken Bones
Severe Abdominal Pain
Worker’s Compensation
Cardiac Enzyme Analysis
Streamlined Billing
Pediatric Teddy Bear Clinics
Board-Certified ER Physicians
Advanced Technology
On-Site Lab & Radiology
COLA Certified Stat Lab Testing


Sign up today! A limited amount of Teddy Bear patients can be seen at each Teddy Bear clinic, so please schedule your appointment soon!

Meet Our Board Certified ER Doctors

Meet the doctors who will put your health as their top priority at the 24 hour emergency room in Abilene! These certified trained doctors will ensure you get you back on your feet as soon as possible, while making you sure you feel comfortable. Learn more about us by giving us a call, and allowing us to get you back to the healthy you.

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