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Common Conditions Treated

At Express ER in Abilene, we are dedicated to providing each of our emergency room patients with the best emergency medical care possible, no matter how big or small their emergency is. Express ER is staffed with an experienced medical team and equipped with advanced technology, allowing us to provide quick and effective diagnosis and treatment for any of your medical needs.

Common Emergency Care Conditions

At our Abilene Express ER, we see many patients seeking emergency care and a lot of times they have common conditions, which include:

Abdominal Pain

For most patients experiencing abdominal pain, it is nothing serious and can be easily treated. However, in some more rare cases, abdominal pain can require immediate emergency care. If you experience abdominal pain accompanied by bloody stools or vomit, have sharp/sudden abdominal pain or even have stomach pain that is also accompanied by pain in the chest, shoulder or neck we recommend seeking emergency care from Express ER.


At some point in life, most everyone experiences a headache, and they are typically nothing serious. However, if you are suffering a headache after hitting your head, experience any unconsciousness or have a stiff neck along with your headache, we recommend visiting Express ER right away.

Chest Pain

When it comes to common symptoms, chest pain has to be one of the scariest ones! While a lot of chest pain isn’t serious, we do recommend seeking immediate emergency care if you experience persisting chest pain that won’t resolve, if you experience dizziness, sweating, shortness of breath or nausea along with if it feels as if your chest is being crushed.


Fevers are probably the most common symptom we see here at Express ER in Abilene. For adults, a fever over 103 should be treated immediately. For children under the age of one, anything 100.4 and above requires immediate attention, for children over the age of one, we recommend visiting Express ER for a temperature 101 and above.

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