Check List for Travelling with Medical Conditions

Check List for Travelling with Medical Conditions

Everyone knows that it is important to stay healthy all the time, but when you are traveling, it is more important than ever because you will not have access to your regular doctors who are familiar with your special situation.

Being overseas seems to find you being exposed to more pathogens than ever and have less access to higher levels of healthcare. It could get ugly real quick if you got dog sick on your vacation or holiday if you were sick the entire time and could not leave your hotel room. It is very common for folks traveling to have pre-existing conditions, so it is vital that you seek extensive knowledge on how you need to manage your illness while traveling abroad. The following sort of checklist will give you a few priorities.


Several of the airlines are strict when it comes to people that have pre-existing medical problems. If you have one, be sure you carry a doctor’s letter that includes details of your medical condition and all the contact details of how to get in touch with your doctor in case there is an emergency.


You must understand that when you are traveling, you are introducing another element of uncertainty into your life. No matter how meticulously you have planned your entire trip, some cancellations and delays can very well still happen. Make sure that you always pack extra medical supplies in the event your trip will last longer than you had planned. Whatever you do, put your medications in a carry on in the event your checked-in luggage goes to another country than where you are going.


Most people carry a ‘copy’ of their passport on their body at all times. It is a good idea to have specific details about your medical condition easily accessible and written down. It needs to have your health insurance information, details to contact your doctor, names and dosages for your medication, a list of allergies and current illnesses. If you have a medical emergency, you will be glad you have prepared all this information.


You should ALWAYS travel with what is called ‘medical travel insurance.’ In the event you have a pre-existing condition, you must declare it when you are applying for the insurance plan, or it will not be valid if you have to use it. Most travel and health insurances will cover your medical expenses, flight cancellations, theft of your valuables, certain legal costs, and a range of other issues.


Since everything does not always go as we plan, you should still have a backup. When you get to your destination, you should consider storing the medical supplies in different locations so you will have access to some of them in the event you might lose access to the rest of them. You should also discuss an emergency contact for your pharmacist or your doctor back at home, or even someone in the country you are visiting, in the event you might need a new script filled urgently.


Having a medical alert ID bracelet is one way of making other health professional and travelers aware of your health issues, especially when you have problems of allergic reactions, or have fits, that make it hard for you to communicate with medical personnel about what is happening.


You may find that some regulations and rules relating to transporting some health-related devices internationally. One example is that if you use oxygen, you will have to ask the airline if they will permit you to bring your own or if you can set up with an oxygen concentrator that is portable for the journey.


If you are going to be gone for an extended time, you will need to continue with your medical check-ups. You need to know where the nearest medical facilities are located in case there is a reason to see a doctor on short notice. You need to see what medical care you are entitled to and where you should go for it.
Especially if you’re going to be away for a long time, it’s essential for you to continue with medical check-ups, or at least to know where the nearest facilities are, should there be a reason to have to visit at short notice. Find out what medical care you’re entitled to and where to go for it.


Along with any medication you take for your pre-existing condition, you should carry a first aid kit at all times. There can be scrapes and scratches all the way to an upset tummy; your travel will come with risks, and with you having a small selection of ‘basics’ that are tagged in your language will save you all kinds of hassle and problems when you need that kit.


Before you start making the arrangements to travel anywhere if you can see a nurse who specializes in going abroad to make sure you have the necessary vaccines for your destination area. Let us here in the 24-hour Emergency Room in Abilene, TX, 79605, near you help you figure out what vaccines you will need and when. You need to make your initial appointment a few months before you start traveling because some vaccines will require doses at different intervals. Remember that food poisoning is widespread overseas, and if you get sick from the food or water poisoning it can expel drugs from your body quickly and that will reduce the way they work.

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