Are You Concerned about Your Kids’ Behavior?

Concerned child hugged by parent might need Abilene ER care

Every parent can relate to certain behaviors in their children that they wish they could change. Or worse –they’re worried that something more serious than a mere temper tantrum might be at play. Whether it’s the unexpected meltdown at the grocery store or the morning routine of getting them dressed and off to school, just about every parent wonders if the ups and downs they witness with their children are normal or if a trip to an Abilene emergency room could help solve the mystery.

Some Physical Imbalances That May Be Affecting Your Child’s Brain and Behavior

It’s not uncommon for parents to overlook underlying physiological imbalances in their children that may be contributing to their children’s behavior or other developmental problems. Some of the most common contributors include:

  • Intestinal and gastrointestinal disorders
  • Neurotransmitter imbalances
  • Metal and chemical toxicity
  • Impaired detoxification
  • Nutritional deficiencies and imbalances
  • Allergies and immune dysfunction
  • Food reactions and sensitivities

Because these imbalances can often be difficult to detect on your own, you may want to search for an “urgent care near me” such as Express ER in Abilene to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan that will offer both you and your child relief.

Use Your Unique Power as a Parent to Help Your Child is Ways They Can’t Ask For

As a parent, you’ve been given the unique gift – and responsibility – to help shape your child’s future. Some questions that you may ask yourself while shaping your child’s behavior include:

  • Am I using the best parenting skills possible and avoiding negative parenting skills like authoritative and permissive parenting?
  • Do I have a close relationship with my children so they know that they are valued and listened to?
  • Can I take the best next-steps in my child’s behavioral development – or should I ask for help?
  • Am I the trigger that sets off the negative behavior from my children?
  • Have I fully examined whether or not there are any physical underlying causes to the negative behavior from my children?

Sure, these are tough questions to have to answer, but answering them honestly is the first step in providing your child the encouragement they need to succeed in life.

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