5 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle Change

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The reasons to seek a lifestyle change are seemingly endless. They could be health related as a result of recent treatment you received from urgent care services. They could be because you’ve become a new parent. And they could be from any other major life event such as the end of a marriage or the start of a new job.

But whatever the reasons, there are some sure-fire ways to make sure you evolve from your old habits and transition into a new lifestyle without having to perform an internet search for an “emergency room near me” because your changes were too drastic in the beginning.

It’s All About Priorities

When it comes to making a lifestyle change, it’s necessary that you put yourself first. That means not getting lost in the hectic shuffle of your daily activities to the point that you lose perspective of the changes you’re trying to incorporate. It’s as simple as knowing that to have a healthy lifestyle change, you must first practice self-care.

Realism is Your Friend

It may sound simple, but it’s so important: Set realistic goals. For example, if you want to add running to your exercise routine, don’t push yourself to run more than your body can handle on your first outing. You’d be surprised at the number of over-exertion injuries we’ve treated at Express ER in Abilene for this exact reason.

There’s Power in Numbers

This is another way of saying how important it is to have a support system in place. Whether it’s your spouse or partner, a best friend, or a work-sponsored event, there’s a certain power that comes from being held accountable. Embrace it.

Planning is Everything

Planning for your lifestyle change is somewhat equivalent to the first item mentioned — making it your priority. By planning for the changes that you’ll be incorporating, you’ll keep the lifestyle change top-of-mind. And there’s no better place for it than there!

Reward Yourself for Progress

As you make progress toward your goal, remember to take time to reward yourself for how far you’ve come. Sure, you may not have achieved your ultimate goal yet, but small rewards along the way – like a massage or taking time to see that movie you’ve been interested in – can go a long, long way in achieving your ultimate success!

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