When You Should Let the Professionals Diagnose Your Symptoms

Oct 01, 2019

There is no denying that having information at your fingertips can be a beneficial thing in today’s fast-paced world. Because of this easy access to information, more people are turning to the Internet for answers to what they perceive to be simple health care questions.

In some cases, this may not be a concern – such as searching for the threshold temperature for a fever. Even the images that are available online may sometimes provide useful information if you hope for quick identification of common bug bites or skin rashes.

But there are times – and rightly so – when online material should encourage you to seek medical attention from an ER near you for testing and observation in Abilene, TX to obtain an accurate medical diagnosis and treatment plan.

Following are some of the more common conditions that we’ve treated at Express ER, which could also easily be mistreated at home without a proper medical diagnosis from an emergency room in Abilene, TX.

Do You Have Aching Joints?

The most common conclusion that people reach when performing online searches for aching joints is arthritis of one form or another.

But did you know that aching joints can also be a sign of celiac or Crohn’s disease – both of which require medical testing to reach a definitive diagnosis?

Some other serious conditions that present as aching joints include fibromyalgia, leukemia, Lyme disease, and even bone cancer.

Knowing that, doesn’t it make more sense to immediately get the testing you need rather than spending unnecessary money trying to solve the aching pain of your joints by using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication?

Do You Think Your Loss of Hair is Simply the Natural Process of Growing Older?

Although it’s common to think that the thinning of your hair is nothing more than your body’s natural response to aging, did you know that it can also be a sign of something more deeply-rooted occurring – especially if you’re also noticing that you are more tired than usual.

There are at least two conditions that could be at play – hypothyroidism and a condition known as hemochromatosis – both of which require medical testing for an accurate diagnosis.
Again, by visiting an urgent care center near you for blood tests and any necessary observation, you’ll be able to save countless dollars on over-the-counter hair-loss treatments or energy supplements that will do little – if anything – to treat the true underlying conditions.

Flu Symptoms Sometimes Warrant Ongoing Observation

It’s easy to watch television commercials for products that are aimed at helping to treat flu symptoms and believe that’s all you need to stop flu in its tracks.

But what would you do if those flu symptoms suddenly got worse and it was the middle of the night?

We bet that’s when you’d want to have a medical partner like Express ER in Abilene by your side to monitor your symptoms to make sure they didn’t progress to a dangerous or life-threatening level.

Our freestanding emergency room in Abilene is equipped with advanced, state-of-the-art technology including our in-house laboratory and the latest diagnostic radiology technology so we can gather the immediate information we need to properly diagnose and treat not only flu symptoms but other symptoms that require 24/7 monitoring.

Other Conditions That May Require 24/7 Health Monitoring

Although the list of conditions that can be treated at Express ER in Abilene is almost endless, some of the more common medical emergencies that we treat include heat stroke, chest pain, migraine pain, sports injuries, cuts and burns, and asthma attacks.

Remember, there is no way to list every condition that may warrant further testing and observation to arrive at a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan. For that reason, we encourage you not to spend what may end up being “very important” minutes performing at-home self-diagnosis and instead visit Express ER where your medical care will not stop until you have received a firm diagnosis and treatment plan.

Whether It’s for You or a Family Member: Our Commitment is the Same

At Express ER in Abilene, TX, our emergency medical team is dedicated to providing effective, compassionate, and comprehensive emergency medical care for your entire family.
We encourage you to make sure that you have our contact information stored in your list of emergency contacts for every family member.

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