When to Visit the Emergency Room for a Migraine Attack

Woman with migraine may require Abilene emergency room visit

Patients are often confused as to whether or not they should visit an emergency room for their symptoms. A migraine may not constitute an emergency in some cases, but it is important to know when to visit the emergency room. At Express ER in Abilene, we encourage patients to seek emergency care if they don’t know what to do about their symptoms.

Abnormal Migraine Attacks

A migraine attack can cause concern, but it is important to know when symptoms are normal and when you should be concerned about them. Migraines can be debilitating when it makes it difficult to assess their severity in some cases. If you feel as though it ranks as the worst headache you have ever had, it is recommended that you visit an ER near you.

Patients will experience different symptoms when a migraine occurs, with some patients experiencing pain while others do not. However, some symptoms should be noted as they may indicate more serious issues. Symptoms of an abnormal migraine that needs emergency medical attention include:

  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Loss of memory
  • Confusion
  • Changes in vision
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Respiratory problems
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Pain that worsens and does not respond to at-home treatment

Patients should document any symptoms they experience and keep them to discuss with a medical professional. Patients can also use this information to identify triggers, working treatment methods, and keep track of symptoms to watch for abnormalities.

Other Serious Conditions

In many cases, migraines are not serious or life-threatening and can be treated with medications and rest. In some cases, however, a migraine can be indicative of a more serious health condition. Some examples of common issues associated with migraines include:

Physical Trauma

Trauma to the head, no matter how minimal, could cause migraines that indicate a concussion or TBI – traumatic brain injury. Even mild injuries can have long-term effects that should be monitored by medical professionals. If any symptoms seem abnormal or severe, such as stiffness in the neck or anything involving the head, seek emergency care.


Migraines and strokes share symptoms and can be confused with one another. Some types of migraines are associated with an increased risk of stroke, making it essential to track migraine symptoms. If you notice stroke-like, severe, or new migraine symptoms, it is best to be cautious and visit an emergency room.

Reactions to Medication

Certain medications, or changes to medication, can affect the severity of migraines. Most patients can switch to different medications with very little side effects. However, in some cases, patients may experience an allergic reaction to medications. Allergy symptoms are often mild, but they can worsen quickly if medical care is not received. Speak with your doctor about possible side effects of medication and visit an emergency room in 79605 if you experience life-threatening or severe symptoms.


Pregnancy causes natural hormonal changes to occur within the body and can increase the instance of migraines related to pregnancy. However, in some cases, severe migraines or headaches can be indicative of dangerous health conditions, like preeclampsia. This occurs when blood pressure is high and can result in organ failure without treatment at an ER in 79605.

Unresponsive Migraines

If you have a migraine that doesn’t seem to be responding to medications, it can be distressing. Even if the migraine isn’t severely painful, many patients may seek emergency care when their first line of defense of prevention – pain medication – is unsuccessful at alleviating symptoms. If you take medications for migraine attacks that stop working, schedule an appointment with a medical professional. If the symptoms are severe, patients may need to visit a 24-hour emergency room in Abilene.

Once you receive care at an emergency room in Abilene, it is recommended that you work with your doctor to prevent migraines and find a method of relief that works properly. They can come up with a treatment plan that reduces the frequency of migraines and lowers the intensity of symptoms. To learn more about migraines and to treat them proactively, visit an Express ER near you in Abilene if you experience severe symptoms.

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