What is the Hardest Sports Injury to Recover from?

Athlete with sports injury needs urgent care in Abilene ER

When playing sports, it is common to experience an injury. The causes can vary from one sport to another. A sports injury is damage to the body parts due to athletic activities, exercises, or sports. It can be chronic or acute. Chronic injuries occur from the overuse of a single body area. However, acute injuries occur suddenly when a person twists a joint, blows, or falls. A torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the hardest sports injury that takes more recovery time. It is usually 12 months.

Types of Sports Injuries That One Can Face

The most common sports injuries are:

  • Strains

When a muscle tears off or stretches, a strain can occur. Examples include back strain, abdominal strain, and hamstring strain. Strains are common in the hamstring muscles or back. Signs include cramping, muscle spasm, pain, inflammation, and muscle weakness.

  • Dislocation

When the end of the joint bone moves out of its place, dislocation occurs. It can affect any joint in the body. Dislocations can cause pain and make it difficult to use the affected joint. The most commonly dislocated joints include hips, shoulders, elbows, fingers, and jaws. Visit the emergency room near you if you struggle with dislocation or fail to use a body part. But avoid trying to force a joint back in its position on your own.

  • Sprains

When a ligament stretches too much, sprains occur. They are most common in the ankle, wrist, or knee. They can be severe or mild. The most common symptoms of sprains include bruising, swelling, and pain.

  • Tennis Elbow

Overusing the elbow leads to a condition known as tennis elbow. Golfers and players are more prone to the condition. The most common symptoms of tennis elbow include weakness while trying to grab objects and inflammation in the tendons.

  • Broken Bone

Broken bones occur for 1 in 20 sports injuries overall. Although our bones are robust and have a certain flexibility level, they can fracture, mainly while playing sports. When sudden pressure is applied to a bone, it results in a broken bone due to a bad fall or direct flow. Playing contact sports like lacrosse or football makes a person more prone to break into a bone. The bones that are most commonly fractured include those located in the foot, hand, wrist, collarbone, and ankle.

  • Concussion

A blow or bump to the head results in a brain injury known as a concussion. The most common causes are falls or playing contact sports like soccer, football, etc. The most common signs after a concussion include loss of memory and headache. For urgent treatment Abilene, contact our office now.

  • Tendinitis

Tendinitis happens when the tissues that connect muscles to bones get inflamed or swollen. This condition is most common in people that perform repetitive activities. Tendinitis can be either chronic or acute. The most common sign of tendinitis is pain in the tendons and nearby regions.

A jumper’s knee is the most common example of this condition.

Methods to Recover from Those Injuries

Most minor sports injuries are easy to handle at home. The best way is to use the R.I.C.E. treatment plan.

  • Rest

Taking one or two days’ rest is essential for successful recovery. If you have an injury in your lower portion of the body, use crutches to avoid putting your weight on the injured region.

  • Ice

To minimize swelling and pain, put ice on the injured area. Do this for 15-20 minutes every four hours.

  • Compression

To get extra support, try to put some pressure on the injured area. You can use a medical-grade bandage and wrap it tightly around it. Make sure the bandage is not too tight.

  • Elevation

To minimize swelling and pain, keep the affected region elevated than your heart. The best way is to use a pillow. Exercising, playing, or doing any physical activity immediately after your sports injury can cause more harm.

Sports Injury That Takes Longer to Recover

Torn ACL is a sports injury that takes a long time to recover from. The anterior cruciate ligament is the main ligament in the knee. Strange landings, changes in direction, or stops result in torn ACLs.

ACL tears need evaluation from orthopedics specialists. A torn ACL is common in all sports. But soccer, football, and basketball are the main sports that can cause it. To know more about traumatic sports injuries, contact experts at Express Emergency Room Abilene.

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