What is Chronic Bronchitis & What You Should Know About It?

what is chronic bronchitis

The last year or half has been a nightmare for most of the world’s population. The COVID-19 pandemic effect has affected the medical fraternity and ordinary people. With the COVID-19 vaccination in place, medical professionals can now concentrate on treating other ailments.

Express ER can be the nearest ER if you reside in Abilene. The Coronavirus might not trigger all health emergencies, but chronic bronchitis has few symptoms common with the COVID-19. With 24-hour emergency care, Express Er is dedicated to provide the best available treatment and care for chronic bronchitis.

What is Chronic Bronchitis?

Coughing can be useful to get rid of the harmful things from your lungs. But too much of an item is right for nothing. The bronchial tubes carry air to and from your lungs. Bronchitis is a medical condition of inflammation of the bronchial tubes that can be thickened by mucus deposition.

Although mostly initiated from common cold and cough or other respiratory infections, chronic bronchitis is a severe health issue with constant irritation and inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Mostly accompanied with severe breathing problems, chronic bronchitis patients might need an emergency room in Abilene, and Express ER is here to help. At Express ER (Abilene), an emergency and dedicated medical team are ready to provide prompt and compassionate treatment.

The Symptoms

The following symptoms characterize chronic bronchitis:

  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Production of colorless or yellowish-grey sputum often streaked with blood.
  • Discomfort in the chest
  • Slight fever or chills
  • Mild headaches or body aches
  • Wheezing

Chronic bronchitis symptoms are more prominent during the winter when the air’s moisture is less and the temperature drops considerably. Dry air, when inhaled, causes discomfort in the windpipe, followed by choughs and shortness of breath. These symptoms are also accompanied by chest pain and symptoms of the common cold

You might need an emergency room near you, and Express Er has a pool of experienced doctors who do not take breaks and are available to provide emergency medical care in the time of need.

The Risk Group and Causes

Although chronic bronchitis is pretty standard and anyone can be affected by this ailment, but the risk factor is high among:

#1: Age

The highest number of registered cases of chronic bronchitis are among people who are over forty years of age. With increased age, the risk of chronic bronchitis infection is high.

#2: Smoking

The main risk factor of chronic bronchitis is active and passive smoking. A recent study reveals almost 75% of chronic bronchitis patients have been subjected to smoking actively or passively.

#3: Lung Irritation

Air pollution, passive smoking, exposure to chemical fumes might lead to prolonged lung irritation and could lead bronchitis.

#4: Genetics

Research reveals that deficiency of alpha-1 antitrypsin could lead to bronchitis, which is a genetic condition. People with bronchitis are also known to have a family history of COPD.

Air pollution and exhaust from automobile engines can also lead to bronchitis. Pneumonia, flu, dust, fumes of paint factory might be the cause of chronic bronchitis.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Once the symptoms are confirmed, the doctor might perform a pulmonary function test to determine the amount of air breathed in and out. This series of measurements could reveal the state of lung functionality. Chest x-ray and computed tomography can give a detailed look into your lung’s functionality and the bronchioles’ state.

Change in the lifestyle is the first step of the treatment of chronic bronchitis. Quitting smoking is a must once you are diagnosed with bronchitis. The lungs would not recover fully, but with a controlled and improved lifestyle, the declination rate would be slow.

Medication includes the application of bronchodilators that relax the air passage, making it easier to breathe. Anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids can lessen the swelling of the air passages. Many people are also subjected to oxygen therapy when the lungs are too damaged.

The Need for Emergency Clinic

Emergency clinic 79605 is essential when the level of oxygen in the blood is shallow. In such cases, you would need to rush to the nearest ER. Express ER in Abilene is a COLA-certified stat lab where you can receive test results within twenty minutes. Family-friendly, experienced, and dedicated doctors are ready to provide comprehensive care.

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