“Twindemic” Should You be Worried about It During this Flu Season?

what is twindemic

Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, public health experts have feared the possibility of a particularly severe flu season coinciding with a rise in COVID cases. Thankfully, the flu season has been mild for the past two years, and there has been no overlap with the increase in COVID cases.

However, experts fear that the threat of a possible combination of flu and COVID, popularly called the “Twindemic,” might be around the corner. The country might see the population affected by both viruses simultaneously.

But is this fear justified, and should you be worried about the possible twindemic?

What Is Expected During This Flu Season?

The flu season has been exceptionally mild for the past two years thanks to the COVID pandemic-related masking mandates and social distancing measures. However, as the restrictions have vanished in most parts of the country, scientists expect to see a significant uptick in flu cases this season.

The number of cases requiring urgent flu treatments is also expected to rise significantly, and we are prepared to handle such an increase in Express Emergency Room Abilene, TX.

Although a large chunk of the population of Abilene, TX, has been vaccinated against COVID-19, we are still not out of the woods. With the city’s seven-day positivity rate still hovering around 6-7%, it is important to exercise caution.

Experts believe the possibility of the COVID-19 flu twindemic hitting the country this year is very real.

Young Kids And Senior Citizens Are At High Risk

According to the CDC, parts of the south, including Texas, have already started seeing increased influenza cases. Scientists warn that young children and the elderly might be especially at high risk of needing urgent influenza treatment this year.

The current strain of the flu in the south, the H3N2, is feared to be more severe for young kids and the elderly. Experts worry that 1 to 3-year-old children who will be exposed to the flu this year for the first time might be especially vulnerable, needing urgent treatment in an Emergency Room near them.

Although COVID-19 has been generally milder for young children, its combination with flu can pose a serious threat, especially as it can be difficult to differentiate between flu symptoms vs. COVID-19.

Only time will tell whether we will see a twindemic this year; whatever happens, Express Emergency Room Abilene, TX, is prepared to offer the best flu and covid treatments near you.

Take Precaution And Be Proactive

The best possible solution to mitigate the risk of a potential twindemic is getting vaccinated for the flu and booster shots for COVID-19. You can get both vaccines on the same day as well.

If you or your loved one has severe flu symptoms, do not hesitate to check in at the Express Emergency Room Abilene, TX. You can also contact our doctors to learn about flu causes, complications, and treatments. Our 24-hour emergency room is equipped to handle any flu or COVID-related emergency.

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