Does Dehydration Cause Headaches?

Jul 01, 2019

If you or a family member are experiencing a headache after spending time outdoors or being too busy to remember to drink liquids throughout the day, you may be wondering whether or not you’re dehydrated to the point that you need to search for an ER near me for pain control. If so, the following information will be useful to answer your question and provide some tips for future hydration management to avoid emergency care in Abilene.

But First…The Answer to the Question

Yes! Dehydration is a common cause of headaches. It doesn’t matter of they dehydration was caused from a night of over-indulgence that neglected drinking much-needed water or a day spent in the sun without proper rehydration, water is a primary component of your body. And when its level runs low, it can decrease the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain. The result? A headache. In many cases, the symptoms can be overcome simply be drinking water at home. But in severe cases where an individual is unable to keep liquids in their stomach without vomiting, it may be necessary to visit an ER in Abilene to obtain intravenous hydration.

The Correlation Between Dehydration and Migraine Headaches

Researchers have been looking at the correlation between dehydration and migraine headaches for decades now, and the results are in. One study that followed 18 migraine sufferers revealed that the sample group that drank an extra liter of water each day experienced fewer hours of migraine pain over the other sample group. And over the long term, the group that drank more water experienced more than 20 hours of headache-free symptoms. Although more research is being conducted every day on the link of migraine headaches and hydration, it’s easy to draw a conclusion that mindful hydration can prevent many migraine sufferers from needing an emergency room in 79605 for intravenous relief.

When a Headache Requires Further Observation

Sometimes what presents as a headache may actually be a precursor to a more serious medical condition and require a period of observation. At Express ER in Abilene, our job doesn’t stop just because treatment has been administered. We are dedicated to providing the best care possible until you have been fully diagnosed and a treatment plan prescribed.

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